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You Are Welcome at Tower Life Center!

We know that finding a church home where you can put roots down, be ministered to, grow in your relationship with God, and participate in the ministry is a big decision. In an effort to make that process a little easier for you, we have listed some information with helpful links to different places on our site that might help you begin to get a feel for who we are and answer some of your questions.
Knowing what a church believes is very important and we want to do our best to let you know what we believe. What we believe is the foundation of who we are as a community of believers. If you have questions beyond that, we have a monthly class called “Next Steps.” This is where you can learn more and get additional questions answered. 
At Tower Life Center, we believe that we have a calling from God which is reflected in our purpose and our values. It is the basis for what anchors us as a community.
We hope these answers help you gain an understanding of who we are and hope to see you in person soon. We believe that is the best way to get familiar with us!


Sunday: 10:30 AM Worship

11811 North Wayne Street
Zanesville, IN 46799

Plan a Visit

Tower Life Center is a group of regular people who want to honor our Lord Jesus Christ and encourage each other to grow in our walk with Him.

What are your services like?

Whether it is through the music, prayer or preaching, God's word is at the center of all of our gatherings. Each service includes a time of music, prayer, and preaching. The sermons point us at transforming our lives to be more like Jesus Christ.

We have plenty of parking for anyone who wishes to worship with us.

We have greeters located at the doors who would be happy to meet you and guide you to our guest services team.

We have children's ministry for your child from birth through 5th grade. They will have age-appropriate music, teaching, and games.

We are more concerned about you and your presence with us than we are with what you wear. You will likely see a variety of clothing from casual to business casual. Regardless of your choice, you will be welcomed into our community!


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